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BX Finance

Features built for next-gen founders

In the past 2 years alone, the blockchain space has seen a lot of change. As blockchain startups come up with new and innovative ways to find solutions to real-world problems, we are slowly moving towards a point where blockchain, like the internet, will become an inevitable necessity.

The past 2 years have also seen the rise and fall of many crypto startups. Many startups have because of the lack of utility. Some projects with utility also fail because of a lack of experience. There is little to be done in these cases if you’re just starting out since blockchain is not only lucrative but also expensive.

We’re here to change that with no code web3.

Launch a crypto project with
zero lines of code

1. Token Solutions

Create tokens, launchpads, airdrops tokens, and much more with ready-built modules.

2. NFT Solutions

Build an NFT project without writing a single line of code. Drop NFT, fundraise, and much more.

3. DeFi Solutions

Access DeFi tools to run your web3 project and build a community with BX Finance No-code.


The ecosystem

Each module in BX Finance is tried, tested, and proven in the market. Create no code web3 projects with pre-audited smart contracts and an easy-to-use interface

Token-based features

Token Airdrops

Send airdrop tokens to multiple wallet addresses with the airdrop dApp. Airdrops are batched to ensure gas efficiency.

DeFi Launchpad

Fundraising has never been easier. Launch token sale campaigns with features such as whitelisting for private sales.


You don’t have to build expensive staking or farming dApps anymore. Just list on our staking platform & allow your users to stake.

Token/LP Locker

A multichain token locker that lets you safely lock tokens, LPs, create multiple locks, and transfer locker ownership.

NFT-based features

NFT Generator

Upload your artwork and mint an NFT immediately with our no code web3 NFT generator.

NFT Bulk Generator

NFT Airdrops

NFT Locker

NFT Launchpad


What’s next for BX Finance?

Unlike it’s counterparts, you don’t have to trust just an idea with BX Finance. Our no code web3 platform will be ready to use from day one, even if you don’t hold our utility token. However, our ecosystem is going to expand even further.

BX Infinity Chain,

An EVM-based Layer 1 Blockchain with a Multichain architecture

Working on our next features.

See what you can expect.

DeFi Solutions

Build on DeFi with No Code

We are working on adding even more modules that will help web3 founders create groundbreaking projects with world utilities.

Cross-chain DEX


DEX Aggregator

Portfolio Tracker

Industry Solutions

Erasing the digital divide

Bridging the gap between traditional technology and web3 through effective solutions that solve real-world problems.

No-code DAO Management

Real Estate Tokenization

Fractionalize Any NFT

Rent NFT


Journey of product

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BX Finance is a complete no-code platform that helps you build web3 projects in minutes. Everything you need from token creation to fundraising is right at your fingertips, built by industry professionals.

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